FANUC Provides the M-2000iA Series Strength and Endurance

When we hear about industrial robots talking to our minds, we typically think of a powerful, imposing machine with which onecan face any challenge. Yes, for a large number of people, it is like that. But industrial robots serve asincredibly useful tools in manufacturing. The perfect assistance is even an excellentsolution for other sectors, such as health.

The creation of industrial robots seeks to facilitate tasks that are dangerous for workers;the handling of heavy objects is one of them. Some time ago, Fanuc presented its series of high resistance robots with a considerable increase in performance, the M-2000iA.

M-2000iA is a powerful six-axis robot. It has models with a payload capacity ranging from 2,300 kg and a reach of more than 4,600 mm. Wrist ability is unmatched, allowing it to handle huge parts, such as full automotive chassis and cast parts. This unit handles high loads, fast movements and shorter cycle times supported by an air cooling system on the wrist shafts.

It is ideal for hazardous operating environments thanks to its IP67 waterproof and dustproof motors. And its slim-arm design allows you to access tight spaces with no problem.

The FANUC M-2000iA has integrated high resistance components that guarantee a constant operation of heavy parts.It has a very long vertical lift path to lift large parts over 6,200mm vertically and an extensivehorizontal reach to transfer large parts over 8,200 mm horizontally.

The M-2000iA series can replace conventional cranes, hoists, and shuttles. And thanks to its fully automated operation, it also increases productivity.

The Fanuc M-2000iA 6-axis robot series is primarily designed for applications: such as material handling, machine tool loading and unloading, sheet or large panel handling, glass handling, handling and lifting of vehicle chassis, delivery of foundry equipment.

The Fanuc M-2000iA’s smart, safe and rugged construction is an example of industrial automation specialization applied to lift and mast tasks where strength and endurance are required to carry out heavy tasks.

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