New Motoman Scara SG400 and SG650 Robotic Tools

The decision to automate a production line with industrial robots is usually taken because they offerreliable and consistent performance, repetitive precision, and can be quickly reprogrammed, manifesting rapid variations in the production cycle and quality requirements.

One of the automated processes with industrial robots is the assembly within the industrial robots. The ones required for this application are the SCARA robots because they comply with characteristics such as their considerable compact design, high reliability, high precision and speed, minimal maintenance and ease of use.

This type of robot was designed to improve speed and repeatability in picking and placement of parts from one point to another and to speed up the assembly process.

Yaskawa, one of the companies recognized worldwide for providing high-quality robotic automation systems, has developed two new Scara-type robotic equipment.

The new SCARA robots have been developed for applications that require high speeds and high precision. The Motoman SG400 comes with a load capacity of up to 3, and the Motoman SG650 comes witha load capacity of up to 6 kg. Their incredible load capacity enables them to reach a repeatability precision of 0.01 mm. Suchhigh repeatability is critical for applications involving small parts.

Among the improvements inthese new 4-axis tools, small interference contours are seen in their design, reducing the risk of collision and helping robots work in hard-to-reach spaces. It has an internal wiring system that ensures the workflow and minimizes maintenance costs.

To better take advantage of the benefits of these new tools, Yaskawa encourages you with the high-performance YRC1000micro controller with a compact and lightweight design, which optimizes pick & place and handling applications.

The YRC1000micro controller is empowered with a simple connection for external hardware and a high-speed, high-precision motion controller. Compatible with an optional “functional safety” function through which the working range and speed can be tracked, controlling it more effectively.

SCARA robots are characterized by being one of the fastest industrial robots in the industry. It has a minimum cycle time compared to other types of robots, which generates a high level of repeatability and production efficiency.

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