Yaskawa has achieved significant innovations in the development of collaborative robots, also known as cobots. These robots are designed to work alongside humans safely and efficiently in production environments.

One of Yaskawa’s main innovations in this field is its focus on safety. They have developed robots equipped with advanced sensors and collision detection systems that allow cobots to safely interact with humans and avoid accidents. These sensors can detect the presence of humans in the work environment and automatically stop operation if a risk of collision is detected.

In addition to safety, Yaskawa has also managed to improve the efficiency of collaborative robots. They have developed advanced control and programming technologies that allow cobots to perform tasks more quickly and accurately. This includes motion planning and position control algorithms, which allow cobots to perform smooth and precise movements, avoiding the need for complex manual programming.

In terms of applications, Yaskawa collaborative robots have found their use in various industries, including electrical, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries. In the electrical and electronics industry, cobots are used to perform tasks such as component assembly, welding, quality inspection, and packaging. In the food industry, cobots are used for tasks such as food packaging and handling. In the pharmaceutical industry, cobots are used for drug assembly, packaging and sorting tasks.

Power and force limitation (PFL) technology, the basis of Yaskawa cobots, allows the degree of cooperation to be modified depending on the needs of each process. They also include a manual training system that makes it easy to program and integrate robots into the manufacturing line without the need for prior experience.

The HC series and the DTP series are the two families that Yaskawa cobots fall into. The HC10, HC10DT and HC20DT models, which have a maximum reach of 1,200 mm and a payload capacity of 10 kg, make up the HC series. These robots are perfect for a wide variety of jobs, such as handling, palletizing, packaging and assembly.

The HC10DTP and HC20DTP models are part of the DTP series; They differ from the HC series in that they are light and small, allowing them to operate in demanding situations and get into tight spaces. These robots can carry 10 kg and 20 kg of load, respectively, and can reach up to 1,700 and 1,800 mm in maximum length. These robots can be used for many tasks, such as welding, painting, inspecting, and cleaning.

Overall, Yaskawa’s innovation in the field of collaborative robots has provided safe and efficient solutions for industries requiring effective human-robot collaboration. This has made it possible to improve productivity and production quality in these industries, while ensuring the safety of workers.

In short, Yaskawa is a forward-thinking company that offers customized collaborative robotics solutions to meet the demands of each sector and customer. Yaskawa cobots are a flexible and affordable tool that can boost an organization’s productivity and competitiveness. SMEs, in particular, can benefit from automation in a simple and economical way.

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