Currently, the industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation thanks to the automation of processes. In this sense, industrial robots have become a fundamental tool to increase efficiency and productivity in various areas, such as the automotive, chemical and manufacturing industries. ABB, one of the leading companies in the automation sector, has managed to revolutionize these industries with its articulated robots, which provide numerous benefits to its customers.

One of the main advantages of ABB articulated robots is their ability to perform repetitive and precise tasks in a short period of time. In the automotive industry, for example, these robots are used on production lines to assemble vehicles efficiently and quickly. Thanks to its high speed and precision, it has been possible to reduce production time and improve the quality of automobiles. This has allowed automotive companies to meet growing market demand and increase their competitiveness.

Another industry where ABB articulated robots are making their mark is chemistry. In this sector, safety and precision are essential, and ABB robots more than meet these characteristics. These robots are capable of handling hazardous substances safely and precisely, which reduces the risk of accidents and improves the working conditions of employees. Additionally, its ability to work in harsh environments, such as high temperatures.

ABB’s articulated robots are causing a real stir in the automotive, chemical and manufacturing industries in Spain. These ingenious automatons are completely transforming the way production processes are carried out, taking automation to the next level.

ABB, one of the world leaders in automation technology, has developed a wide range of articulated industrial robots that perfectly suit the needs of various industries. Thanks to their precision and versatility, these robots are capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks, from assembling small parts in the automotive industry to handling hazardous chemicals in the chemical industry.

Automation is a growing trend in today’s industrial landscape, as it increases efficiency, reduces labor costs and improves product quality. ABB articulated robots are a crucial tool in this automation process, as they are capable of performing repetitive tasks precisely and consistently, without making errors.

A notable example of success in the implementation of these robots is found in the automotive industry. Car factories in Spain have benefited greatly from the introduction of ABB articulated robots into their production lines. These robots are capable of assembling automotive parts with millimeter precision, which significantly reduces production time and improves the final quality of the product. Furthermore, the use of these robots has allowed automotive factories to save on time, money and resources, while improving the quality, safety and efficiency of their production processes. Industrial or articulated robots are programmable machines that can perform complex, repetitive tasks accurately and quickly, such as welding, assembling, painting, inspecting, and manipulating automotive parts. These robots can work in harsh environments, reduce material waste, minimize human errors and workplace accidents, and increase the productivity and competitiveness of automotive factories.

According to a report by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the automotive sector is the largest user of industrial robots in the world, with a share of 33% of the total robots installed in 2020. The report also indicates that China, Japan, The United States, South Korea and Germany are the five countries with the most industrial robots in the automotive sector, with a combined share of 80% of the global market. Additionally, the report predicts that demand for industrial robots in the automotive sector will continue to grow in the coming years, driven by technological innovation, digitalization, customization and sustainability.

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