In some industries, there’s a negative stigma surrounding robot integration; people think they’re dangerous or expensive—but in reality, they’re tools for the industry and its employees.

From household vacuum cleaners to digital assistants, robots are a part of everyday life. Automation has also changed the dynamics of many industries, causing people to worry about losing their jobs and being unable to adapt to a constantly changing workplace.

Although there’s no guarantee that lost jobs will be replaced, technological developments have allowed workers to engage in creative processes by creating new jobs. Innovative solutions are the result of teamwork, and the idea of ​​a robot doing tedious and repetitive tasks allows employees to focus on designing great new products.

Looking Ahead: Potential Job Opportunities in an Automated Environment

Predicting the job market in the next few years will be difficult, as new technologies advance by leaps and bounds and new jobs are created. Despite this, new tasks will emerge that will allow for the growth of multiple industries, making the process safe, efficient, and profitable.

Here are some of these jobs:


Very suitable for experienced welders, this position can be dedicated to programming new robot jobs. This generally involves the use of offline robot programming and simulation software.

Robot / Work Cell Operator

Robots help in various ways, saving workers from tedious, dirty, and dangerous work. Redeploying manual workers for tasks such as loading and unloading parts, checking parts quality, or tracking and refilling welding wire and other consumables can go a long way
A man operating a flying drone robot

Robotics Technicians

Companies with a variety of robots may choose to have in-house maintenance experts who can build, wire, and test robot systems, keeping robotic systems in optimal condition.

Champion of the work cell

Involves personnel trained in the robotic operation of the workshop. The responsibilities include maintenance, programming, operator training, finding new parts for automation, and ensuring a return on investment for successful robotic systems.

Custom Rework / Weld Personnel

Robotic automation is accurate, but sometimes, you need to ask an employee to check for faults or repair parts as needed.

Tool Engineer

Widespread adaptation to automation may require employees who specialize in the design and manufacture of specialized tools. If you have a well-trained engineer who can help you oversee the design phase, you’re in luck.

Control Engineer

A person with a high level of analytical skills is best suited for this position. They’re responsible for ensuring the production ofhigh quality products in the most effective manner. This position is suitable for environments where a large number of automation functions are introduced and there must be a connection between the equipment.

The way that humans and robots complement each other can create an efficient future, as long as its benefits and application are carefully considered.

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