This innovation proposed by KUKA Robotics this time is aimed at the core of industrial robots. The KR C5 controller is based on the “micro” concept. Its design is made for small robots; it contains hardware compatible with future development and software advances.

The KR C5 has a modular cabinet system, additional axis modules, central power supply, and independent plug-in cables, small design with greater energy efficiency, Fits a variety of controller options, and comes with KUKA smartPADand plug packages.

The controller is well integrated into IT and cloud environments and will gradually enable all current applications. The KR C5 requires less power than its predecessors and is much more compact and robust.

The KR C5 can handle various processes ranging from small screw controlling in the electronics industry to auto arc welding automotive assembly.

KUKA KR C5 can be integrated into existing systems and has a low total cost of ownership due to its energy efficiency, low power consumption, and high-quality hardware.

Thanks to the modular cabinet system, the KUKA KR C5 robot controller has robust hardware for long service life. The control module is easy to operate and can be linked to different software products and digital services. Thanks to the new KUKA DeviceConnector, the KUKA KR C5 controller, can quickly provide data to the cloud system without additional hardware.

This Kuka KR C5 cabinet innovation comes with the tried and tested SystemSoftware (KSS 8.7).

Andreas Knöpfle, portfolio manager for the new generation of controllers, comments: “In the coming years, the KR C5 will be the new platform in our Kuka automation portfolio.

“It enables even more efficient deployment of industrial robots in a wide range of different application fields.”

Dietmar Steidl, KR C5 Product Manager at Kuka, comments: “The positive effect is most clearly demonstrated in the massive reduction in the size of the controllers, but also the lower power consumption and the increase in quality.”

This new control system will generate; massive reduction of controls, an improvement in energy consumption, and performance for a wide range of applications and options for the integration of production processes.

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