The Effects of AI on the Manufacturing Industry

The current era of technology has witnessed massive milestones in various fields. The world is moving fast and the ability to innovate with it is what decides whether or not a business stays.

Necessity is the mother of invention they say, and true to the fact, the world needs nothing more than the machine to be humanly intelligent in performing their everyday tasks.  

A decade ago, the idea of a robot capable of manufacturing hundreds of products, inspecting them and troubleshooting issues would have sounded like a myth, but AI makes it achievable.

Why Need AI?

AI has been the game changer in numerous industries. From healthcare to conversational robots, mining to software, AI has it all covered. Among the many industries that AI has revolutionized, Manufacturing is one of them.

Initially, robots were used for mending purposes, spray-painting and repairing of a damaged part. However, with the advent of time, AI has not only minimized workforce, but it has made the implementation of explosive and hazardous tasks easier. The automation of tasks that were implemented manually or semi-manually has increased the overall production capacity.

While the robots in the past could perform their task, they were practically unusable when it came to real time data solving. With the application of AI, not only is the fault detected in real time via cloud computing but is also rectified. Now that makes your life easier.

The Future Ahead

With the application of more sophisticated algorithms, a single robot can perform multiple tasks at a time by means of parallel processing. The jobs that once required human level of intelligence can now be done through a single robot.

While the AI continues to open doors for future advancements, it is expected that the future robots developed would no longer need to be programmed with hours long programming schemes, rather the robot would just be provided with the task and it would automatically translate the requirements to a program.

Innovation—the Next Big Challenge

While many organizations would like to automate their ongoing processes, many consider the implementation and programming of a robot to be a challenging task in terms of cost and technicality.

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