Types of Robots Used in the Automobile Industry

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Do you know what kind of robots are being used in the automotive industry? Did you know that there are different kinds and they’re all suited for various tasks? In this post, we’ll explore a few types.

Industrial Robot

It’s a type of robot where a human controls it using an arm or other movable appendage. It often performs repetitive motions that are monotonous and hazardous to humans, like assembling a car or performing chemical spraying.

Industrial Robots perform many different repetitious tasks in a factory setting. These robots are used for putting together automobiles and other large objects. They also often produce chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Collaborative Robot

Collaborative Robots are essential when you want a robot to safely and effectively work alongside humans. They’re also able to perform more specific tasks, like material handling or machine tending.

A collaboration robot’s most important feature is that it can be programmed for multiple purposes.  It does not operate in a closed environment, so it requires GPS and other external software tools to help with navigation.

car manufacturing in process

Autonomous Robot

These robots can perform complex tasks independently, without any other component or computer program. They are primarily focused on navigating mobile robots or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The Robotic Human-Replacing Automobile Assembler

The task of assembling a car is hugely labour intensive, which is why automaking has remained one of the last bastions of human endeavour. But today, more and more factories are beginning to replace human workers with robots. 

For example, it takes only two robots to assemble an entire Honda Civic sedan in around four hours. In a whole day, a human worker could only assemble maybe four cars. That’s 40 cars in a single day! 

Although this robotic assembler isn’t a true “replacement” for human labour—all the parts have already been put together at the factory. This robot puts them together on the car, requiring minimal attention, and can be run on autopilot if needed.

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