The Evolution Of Employment Through Automation In Five Key Aspects

As a result of the doubts that the world’s economists have been generating due to the effects of automation, which implies loss of jobs, and since the industry is heading towards a great era of automation in history, thousands of unknowns about the change in the processes carried out by a worker today and how should it be transformed in the future?

Automation is currently generating permanent modifications through industrial robots in the ways of carrying out or understanding jobs in general; this will continue to occur. However, there is no clear data on the number of jobs that will be replaced in total with industrial automation. These permanent changes will continue to happen in five key ways.

Change heavy workloads by problem solving and imagination.

This change will be definitive to cause a positive change in the final results, thanks to the fact that many of the processes that are usually carried out in different jobs and that involve a high greater effort, such as repetitive tasks, can be automated, which would possibly generate the personnel in charge of these tasks, come to provide help with problems solving or creativity.

Now, for example, many of the companies that carry out manufacturing tasks will be able to request pieces in the block with design avoiding costly procedures. 

Customer service or support charges will be arranged for people who perform cashier work (automatic payment stores). More attention can be paid to picking and its efficiency in companies where there are automation processes in the inventory area. With which although the tasks performed in some jobs are transformed, the greater workload will focus on forms of creativity and problem-solving.

Meticulous treatment of information in tasks related to artificial intelligence and in-depth study.

To avoid problems such as input or output of garbage in artificial intelligence or generate useless or harmful results, it is necessary to provide clear and impartial information to your algorithms; this has been discovered thanks to the research processes on machine learning and AI.

From the automation processes carried out in high-level companies, it has been understood, for example, that in hiring processes with an erroneous input of data in the algorithms, problems of discrimination can arise against people of color or women. For this reason, it is necessary to have clear and accurate data collection processes.

This data collection must be equally precise and essential in operation tasks; since it is essential to be able to detect malfunctions or unnecessary payments for processes that workers never carry out, a correct data collection must be made.

Globality of the works

Thanks to the help of the internet, many of the jobs no longer need to be done in a defined place; on the contrary, you can do these jobs from anywhere in the world. This practice encompasses a large number of workers and jobs whose processes are not centralized, thus taking a large population such as parents or disabled people, among others. In addition, new options are presented for entrepreneurs thanks to the few requirements for income to this type of work.

More high- and low-grade jobs

At this point, it is very important to highlight the importance of the urgency of developing educational programs based on future jobs, this since with the increase in job offers at the highest and lowest levels, which in turn would lead to the disappearance of intermediate-level jobs, a greater economic gap would be generated between the world’s rich and poor.

The greatest threat is found in intermediate-level jobs due to the automation of daily tasks in administrative areas as opposed to higher-skilled jobs that generate greater demand in areas such as engineering and health.

The importance of social work increases

Artificial intelligence has not managed to develop a large part of the interaction skills that workers possess, such as gesture recognition or response with empathy, among others, which generates an increase in value in tasks that require skills in socialization processes. Soon automation of this problem does not seem likely, so these areas will continue to grow in importance over time.

Because AI continues to grow day by day, it is of great relevance to strengthen the skills of social interaction and humanity, thus managing to evolve hand in hand with industrial robotic automation

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