With four energy-saving models and 22 variants, abb is expanding its series of large robots

With four new models and 22 variants, ABB Robotics is expanding its line of large robots with more options, wider coverage and better features. The IRB 6710, IRB 6720, IRB 6730 and IRB 6740 are new generation models suitable for payloads from 150 kg to 310 kg, with a reach from 2.5 m to 3.2 m. They offer customers greater choice and significant improvements in productivity and energy efficiency.

Marc Segura, President of ABB’s Robotics Division, says that sustainable production is a top priority for automotive manufacturers, with 78% of companies considering it important to their business and 77% considering it a priority in responding to their customers. Responding to our customers’ needs by offering more options and greater customisation for more sustainable production, ABB’s four new robots offer 22 variants and energy efficiency of up to 20%. Our customers will be able to improve their resilience with the help of these new robots in a variety of industries, including automotive, general manufacturing, foundry, food and beverage, and logistics.

The robot’s lighter design and ABB’s OmniCore controller can save up to 20% energy. In addition, OmniCore provides exceptionally precise motion control. With a minimum deviation of 0.03 mm, ABB robots can achieve class-leading repeatability thanks to TrueMove and QuickMove motion control technology. The new robot series is ideal for complex tasks such as spot welding, laser welding, screwing and riveting, enabling automotive manufacturers to create high-quality assemblies thanks to its capabilities.

The fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) industry needs our new range of robots. Manufacturers can choose from a wide range of ABB robots to enable them to handle batteries of various sizes, from individual cells and modules to complete packs, as they produce more electric vehicles and batteries. Joerg Reger, general manager of ABB Robotics Automotive Business Line, said: “They can also perform tasks such as high-precision body assembly and spot welding, as well as installing seats or dashboards in restricted areas of the vehicle.”

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