Yaskawa America presented robotic automation solutions at Automate that improve production and enable smooth operation. Experts from Motoman Robotics and Drives & Motion Division discussed application requirements and provided inspiration for the shop floor.

The demonstration showcases the GP12 robot, a high-speed induction work cell, which exhibits efficient robotic automation to meet order fulfilment demands. Fizyr AI deep learning software and the Zivid Two 3D camera enable intelligent 3D scene capture, achieving picking speeds of 1200 to 1700 objects per hour. In addition, conveyors from Dynamic™ Conveyor Corporation and Dorner are featured, along with safety guards from Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions. These conveyors are fast, free and support all file types and cross-platform transfers. They also offer other features such as downloader, file manager, phone cleaner, music player and online video player.

This workstation features a compact GP7 robot and a SCARA SG650 robot for efficient processing of small parts. It is suitable for assembly, sorting and multi-process systems with pick and place capability. The lightweight console and easy-to-use touchscreen interface enable fast programming.

The cobot HC30PL offers robust palletising capabilities for demanding environments, ensuring safe and efficient fence-free production. It features power and force limiting (PFL) technology, a payload capacity of 30kg and a maximum reach of 1,700m. This system enables handling, packaging and logistics tasks.

Pallet BuilderTM, Yaskawa’s code-free palletising platform suitable for small and medium-sized companies with high-mix, low-volume production, is featured on the Smart Pendant (version 3.0). It works with GP and HC series robots and supports up to eight stations combined with various grippers.

ArcWorld® HC is a mobile workshop that maximises the production of small and medium-sized parts through human-collaborative contact. It features a perforated FlexturTM table, arc flash protection, smoke mitigation and an IP67-rated HC10DTP cobot, among other flexible features. It uses Yaskawa‘s easy-to-use Universal Weldcom Interface pendant application and is compatible with all major brands.

The ArcWorld 6200 welding work cell uses two AR1440 robots and an RM2-1275 Ferris wheel positioner with sealed AC servo drive to optimise the production of medium to large parts. It is equipped with the unique MotoMountTM fixturing mounting method, which does not require precise alignment or machined bases.

The AW6200 features an integrated welding package, Miller® power supply, UWI, wire management, enhanced guarding, FSU and WireCrafters safety fencing.

Wandlebots’ TracePen demo demonstrates code-free robot programming for fast and accurate part welding using a hand-held probe and an AR1440 arc welding robot.

The interactive demonstration showcases the HC10DTP cobots, Smart Pendant touchscreen, Classic Interface function and gripper technology for a safe, hands-on programming experience.

Yaskawa introduces the iCube Control™ machine control platform, which offers flexibility, modular integration and safety, while showcasing the iCube Engineer software engineering tool.

This is how Yaskawa America showcases robotic automation products at Automate, with specialists from the Motoman Robotics and Drives & Motion divisions on hand to discuss application needs and provide examples from actual manufacturing facilities.

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