Kuka Robotics is a robot and automation specialist, a leading provider in the global industrial robotics market, a large part of the industrial sector such as food, beverages, consumer goods, logistics, pharmaceutical, medical and plastics, etc., have robotic automation solutions Kuka provides.

Currently industrial robots have become a tool for large, medium and small companies, this solution has come to discover great developments to meet the high demand with advances in digital technology, sensors, artificial intelligence platforms, and even modify their capacity loading

In this article we will see the innovation that Kuka Robotics developed to just change the load capacity.

The KR IONTEC is constituted as an aerodynamic robot that allows a more compact cell design with a medium load of high flexibility. It stands out for offering a large work area with a maximum reach of 3,100 mm with a 30% smaller footprint and a 10% more aerodynamic disruptive contour.

It is a successor of KR 60-3 that is designed to operate in the production, service and new technology industry.

According to Kuka, KR Iontec has the lowest maintenance requirements in its class. Due to the minimum energy consumption, optimal drive technology reducing the weight of the robot, even the average time between failures is approximately 400,000 hours of operation and the operating cost is lower.

The new solution presented by Kuka Robotics in combination with the software offers flexibility of movements ideal for any production process and installation at any angle, ceiling floor, inclined etc; guaranteeing high performance and operating efficiency by improving cycle times, this model provides a trajectory mode with continuous activity and greater precision.

But what really characterizes this robotic model is the possibility and extreme flexibility of converting the payload from 30 to 70 kg. Another advantage of KR IONTEC is that it requires fewer spare parts and that, on average, only oil changes are needed after every 20,000 hours of operation, which can significantly reduce maintenance costs.

This new and improved range of robots launched by Kuka has set a new standard of flexibility with its weight control mechanism. It will adapt to future production environments with a large workspace.

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