A part of the concept of artificial intelligence is focused on the efficiency of both industrial processes and robotics to generate greater opportunities. This industrial revolution 4.0 is based on artificial intelligence, changing how data is analyzed and selected.

The use of this new technological tool has allowed manufacturers to obtain optimum product quality, as well as better management and efficiency.

This is the case of the Mitsubishi Electric company which is using artificial intelligence (AI) as a predictive analysis solution to improve efficiency in industrial robots to remedy production line problems by anticipating malfunctions beforehand so unplanned downtime and poor process performance can be avoided.

Mitsubishi Electric’s product manager, Barry Weller, has investigated how AI-based predictive analytics can support predictive robot maintenance and the ways through which it can benefit users.

The predictive maintenance algorithms process and analyze the data collected from different sources to create a model that can provide useful and practical information about the state of a robot, helping to assess the deterioration of the components or which of them is about to fail and predict when a failure may occur in the industrial robot.

The information provided by predictive maintenance based on artificial intelligence mainly includes the operating capabilities of the robot, the average life of the components, the frequency of the robot’s specific movement patterns or the units’ data in real-time.

Statistical achievements may be simple to interpret for the AI system with its ability to decipher numbers; however, they may not be easy to interpret by humans.

Thus, visualization is an important characteristic of AI-supported predictive maintenance since it immediately shows the information resulting from the model in an understandable way. This allows the plant and maintenance operators to adopt corrective measures before they’re faced with failure.

The solution presented by Mitsubishi Electric is integrated into the MELFA SmartPlus software for the FR intelligent robot series. This software can generate multiple cloud-based response options that will communicate with business systems by combining the maintenance information from the robot controller so that the software can provide reliable predictive solutions. Clear instructions are sent, along with maintenance simulations so that manufacturers can understand and configure the industrial robot’s maintenance before being installed to increase the efficiency of maintenance operations.

Mitsubishi Electric looks to generate options to reduce operating costs, increase the productivity of goods and improve the efficiency of the process.

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