Yaskawa Motoman is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial robots and industrial solutions with extensive experience in productivity and efficiency.

Today, Yaskawa presents its latest automation innovation for arc welding processes, with a compact system that offers optimal use of space, a high level of precision and flexibility while saving on costs.

Profitability, saving space, and efficiency are the concepts used by Yaskawa to design its new series of turnkey arc welding cells, based on robots.

The new ArcWorld RS & HS series consists of two Yaskawa robotic welding cells with CE marking; they are distinguished by the space they occupy and by their size. The ArcWorld RS Mini requires only 2.3m2 while the ArcWorld HS Micro only requires 1.4m2. They are compact cells that complement manual welding systems.

This industrial robot through a manually operated turntable that allows parts to be inserted while the work parts are processed in the cell. This reduces downtime and increases the part’s performance.

It has a polycarbonate coating that covers the robot (which has a high level of trajectory accuracy and IP67 rating) and the welding package to ensure that all safety standards are being met.

The ArcWorld system is designed for quick commissioning and, likewise, it has the option of making modifications to the production line. It has an ergonomic shape that optimizes the operator’s work in a comfortable way when loading or unloading the parts. This platform is made up of a Motoman industrial robot, positioner, controller, and power source that allows the robot to execute movements quickly.

The ArcWorld system allows for the integration of robotics into any welding process and other automation processes in hostile environments.

This innovation offers great benefits such as easy installation and handling with the ability to save space and relocate it in different areas of the plant while offering a high level of flexibility and performance—thus, generating high levels of production in less time with a need for lesser space. It also reduces the cost of maintenance and requires a reduced supply of spare parts.

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