Ever since robotic solutions were incorporated into the painting process, they have had a positive impact by generating high quality in the application with precision and firmness, without causing drips or inconsistencies.

Painting automation has improved in recent times, robotic arms have adapted to dangerous and demanding environments, which has prevented human resources from being exposed to polluting factors that generate health problems and high-risk situations.

According to an article published by the digital center at the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), Kawasaki Robotics, one of the leading manufacturers in robotic automation systems and industrial robots developed a new solution for the automated painting process, with high operational performance and with an easy system integration and configuration using an explosion-proof anthropomorphic robot based on the concept of “easy and friendly”. It includes a wide range of K-series industrial robots with a fully integrated nozzle system that provides greater protection against external factors such as dust and dirt.

The new 6-axis industrial robot has a medium-range capacity, medium to large workload starting from 15 kg and repeatability of ± 0.5 mm. The KJ244, for floor mounting, features a 3R lightweight hollow wrist, with an internal diameter of 70 mm to accommodate the hoses. With 2.4 mm, it offers a wide range of motion that gives it the ability to paint different types of parts.

This model is designed as a solution to the demand in the automotive sector and has the ability to be adjusted to other external painting equipment from the upper arm. The industrial robots are adapted to a robotic paint cell and be installed in multi-robot processes, thus executing different painting applications.

The improvements of this new robotic model provide numerous advantages such as, its thin and lightweight design that allows for a high degree of freedom of movement, offering the agility needed to paint complex parts, supported by a wrist with optimal flexibility.

The K series is characterized by the fact that the arms of its robotic models for painting are equipped with internal tubes that eliminate overspray, thus minimizing contamination in paint finishes.

Another advantage is the easy integration of the system with an intuitive graphic interface control panel that optimizes the interconnection with different peripheral equipment, the part transfer, and the rotation unit. This control panel makes it easy for operators to proceed and control the system from a central point, as well as the elements of the paint coating process. It has anti-collision software that allows several robots to work at the same time.

The painting process is one of the most dangerous and strict. With this new improvement at arm’s reach, the automation of the painting process will generate an increase in performance and improved cycle times.
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