Yaskawa Motoman is one of the leading manufacturers in the development of servo systems, machine controllers and industrial robot solutions with more than 450,000 Motoman robots installed worldwide. It has announced the launch of the new long-range PH series robotic models mounted on racks with the objective of “eliminating inconsistencies in a manual process”, according to Yaskawa Motoman.

This series of industrial robots are integrated by the PH130RF and PH200RF industrial robots with a long-range and 6-axis design that’s highly adaptable to perform repetitive tasks—making it ideal for working in areas with a reduced space as they can even operate with several presses thanks to their compact and flexible design.

The PH130RF industrial robot has a payload of up to 130 kg and it provides up to 7 meters in the press service.

In the case of the PH200RF industrial robot, it handles a payload of up to 200 kg by accommodating a press service of between 6 and 8.5 meters.

The company says that these two robotic models from the PH series have a high vibration rating for superior performance and maximum strength in press handling operations.

Thanks to their shelving designs, these industrial robots efficiently use floor space and provide flexibility through producing greater speed and resistance.

Both robotic models have high-performance drive systems on the S, L and U axes (axes 1, 2 and 3) for an optimal work cycle and greater resistance. They include long-term speed reducers to improve the execution of repetitive tasks and driving high speeds where acceleration skills provide minimum cycle time and growth in product development. The industrial robots are equipped with a wrist with an IP67 degree of protection and its standard IP30 structure.

The Yaskawa Motoman PH series industrial robots are operated with the YRC1000 controller with a global standard compact design, they don’t require a transformer for input voltages ranging from 380VAC to 480VAC. They’re also ideal for tight spaces. Only one cable is necessary for connection which allows for simple, fast, and efficient programming. This, in turn, minimizes the cost of maintenance and spare parts.

The Motoman Yaskawa robots represent reliable robotics in the industry in a wide variety of applications such as welding, cutting, polishing, folding, and palletizing. With the widest range of industrial robots and with a load that ranges from 3 to 800 kg, they are presenting their long-range, rack-mount PH series that’s designed for press handling.
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