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Purchasing a Used Robot? Avoid These Crucial Mistakes!

Robots are no longer just a vague concept of the future—they are a part of current reality, and come with highly useful applications in a number of different industries. Not only do they present numerous benefits and efficient performance, they have also become considerably affordable technology. And if you’re investing in a used robot, then

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Is it profitable to invest in an industrial robot?

It’s important to recognize that robotics leads to economic, social and technological development. In the beginning, this type of technology was developed for manufacturing processes in the automotive sector, however over time and with the progress made in engineering, it was able to adapt to processes such as welding, palletizing, machining and handling for different production lines,

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The 4th Industrial Revolution is Near

The fourth industrial revolution is approaching and is a subject of concern to many entrepreneurs, especially Latin Americans. This type of revolution will cause such an impact that companies that are not currently branching out into new technologies and innovating their production lines may disappear in the medium-turn, and there is a great deal of

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ABB: The New Security Solution

ABB continues to innovate with the new SafeMove2 security software with enhanced safety features, such as: speed safety limits, safe stand-still monitoring, safe axis and position ranges and orientation of supervision. These features are integrated into the robot’s control cabinet. It also facilitates interaction between the operator and the robot. This new software has security

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4 Things We Couldn’t Do If We Didn’t Have Robots

The evolution of machines has resulted in a shared workload between industrial equipment and staff workers. Introduction of robots have further divided this work, promoting most of the staff to supervisory roles. The precision and repeatability of applications performed by robots has a far greater value in competitive industries. Furthermore, multi-application adaptation enables them to

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