These FANUC robots are capable of handling container trays and plastic bags safely and efficiently, guaranteeing the sterilization and quality of the injectables produced by DEMO SA.

Prior to the implementation of automation, DEMO SA faced challenges related to loading and unloading container trays and plastic bags in the sterilization process. The different sizes, dimensions and handling requirements made the manual process difficult, in addition to increasing the risk of contamination.

Thanks to FANUC industrial robots, DEMO SA, a manufacturer of injectables, has automated the loading and unloading procedures for sterilization in container trays and plastic bags. DEMO SA was founded in 1965 and exports injectable medicines to 85 countries. To meet the expectations of hospitals and medical institutions around the world, the company has adopted robotics. FANUC, a key partner of SABO SA, was the perfect choice for this latest installation, having supplied robots for DEMO projects in the past. The robots are manufactured to fit a wide range of shapes, sizes and handling specifications, ensuring fast and efficient delivery of products while maintaining strict quality standards.

SABO SA has installed a new automated production line for handling plastic containers, using a FANUC M-710iC lightweight 6-axis robot. The robot uses a SABO-designed end effector to transport and place multiple containers on a single lift. Two larger FANUC robots, the R-2000iC/165F models, can handle payloads of up to 165 kg and operate in tight spaces. The automated production line also includes two smaller FANUC M-10iD/12 robotic arms and three FANUC DR-3iB/8L delta robots, which use end-effector suction cups for high-speed bag handling. SABO SA’s after-sales service is fast and efficient.

With the introduction of FANUC robots, DEMO SA has managed to overcome these challenges and improve its efficiency and quality. These robots are programmed to handle container trays and plastic bags precisely and safely, ensuring required sterilization standards are met.

In addition, FANUC robots also allow an increase in DEMO SA’s production capacity. Being highly flexible industrial robots, they can easily adapt to different sizes and handling requirements, allowing for faster and more efficient processing of container trays and plastic bags.

In summary, the implementation of FANUC robots at DEMO SA has significantly improved its loading and unloading processes around the sterilization of its injectables. These industrial robots have overcome the challenges related to different sizes, dimensions and handling requirements, guaranteeing the sterilization and quality of the products manufactured by the company.

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