The Yaskawa Motoman GP20 robot is a 6-axis robot that has a payload of 20 kg and a reach of 1,802 mm12. It is a compact, high-speed robot that can achieve very fast cycle times with excellent repeatability. The slim design of your wrist allows you to work in tight spaces and access difficult areas, such as inside machines or tools. In addition, its wrist has a high resistance against the penetration of dust and liquids (IP67), making it suitable for demanding environments.

The Yaskawa Motoman GP20 robot is a general purpose robot that can be employed for a wide range of handling and assembly tasks, such as loading and unloading of injection molding machines, small parts assembly, flexible part handling , machining or grinding. Thanks to its cutting-edge servo technology, the Yaskawa Motoman GP20 robot offers a high degree of precision and stability, making it ideal for applications that require the highest degree of accuracy with small parts.

The Yaskawa Motoman GP20 robot can be controlled with the YRC1000 controller, which is compact, easy to use and Industry 4.012 compliant. The YRC1000 controller allows communication with other devices, remote monitoring and diagnostics of the robot. Additionally, Yaskawa’s optional PalletSolver palletizing software simplifies the programming of pick and put away patterns as well as layer patterns, and offers numerous application-specific features such as mixed palletizing or multiple grippers.

Yaskawa Motoman GP20 robot is an example of how innovation and precision can redefine the manufacturing and automation landscape. It is a robot that combines a proven design with advanced technology, offering a versatile, fast and precise solution for the current and future needs of the industrial sector.

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