Parason is a leading company in the manufacturing of equipment and solutions for the paper industry. In order to increase efficiency in its manufacturing processes, Parason has turned to ABB robots.

ABB robots have been used in different areas within Parason, such as materials handling, component assembly and finished product inspection.

To automate and scale up production of sustainable and biodegradable packaging solutions, Parason, one of the world’s largest pulp and paper machinery manufacturers and suppliers, has partnered with ABB in India. To reduce their dependence on single-use plastics and Styrofoam packaging, Parason customers have formed this alliance. These molded fiber tableware items are widely used by many businesses, including restaurants and cafeterias, catering services, travel and industrial canteens.

Thanks to ABB robots, Parason has managed to optimize its production, reduce manufacturing times and improve the quality of its products. In addition, robots have made it possible to eliminate repetitive and dangerous tasks for workers, which has contributed to improving workplace safety.

ABB robots are characterized by their precision, speed and reliability. In addition, they are easy to program and adapt to different tasks and work environments. This has allowed Parason to use robots in different areas of its manufacturing process and break new ground in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Combined with Parason equipment, ABB robots will facilitate the efficient production of agricultural waste products and offer fully compostable and environmentally acceptable packaging options. In Parason’s five forming machine cells, ABB first deployed 10 robots. By the end of the previous year, that number had increased to 20.

With the help of ABB robots, Parason has managed to improve its competitiveness in the market and meet its customers’ demands more efficiently. Without a doubt, the implementation of ABB robots has been a strategic investment for Parason, which has provided numerous benefits to the company.

The partnership between ABB and Parason is an important milestone towards the widespread use of a fully biodegradable plastic substitute. The program will also significantly decrease the amount of plastic waste produced in India, helping to combat climate change.

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