During PACK EXPO Las Vegas, FANUC America, a supplier of CNCs, robots and ROBOMACHINES, showcased a wide range of automation solutions for picking, packing, fulfilment and palletising.
Palletising, packing, inspection and other tasks can be carried out with the help of FANUC’s CRX cobot, which is a simple and adaptable tool. The CRX cobot can work safely alongside humans without the need for costly guarding thanks to sensors integrated in each axis.
Case palletising was demonstrated using a FANUC CRX-10iA/L equipped with an iRVision 3DV/200 vision sensor. A box can be located, picked from one pallet and placed on another pallet using the CRX. Using interactive programming, users can demonstrate concepts using hand signals or a tablet interface with drag-and-drop icons. It is an excellent choice for any application where collaborative robots can help customers achieve greater efficiency. It is compatible with a range of FANUC capabilities, including iRVision.
Fanuc held two exhibitions with Scara robots:
1. The FANUC SR-20iA picks up and moves milk crates between two trays, demonstrating the machine’s ability to move heavy objects quickly across a large work area.
2. The FANUC SR-12iA robot with the environmental option for packing and unpacking mouthwash bottles. This variant features bellows covers, anti-rust bolts and seals, a white epoxy coating and an IP65 rating to withstand liquids and dust.
The SCARA SR-3iA and SR-6iA robots are extremely efficient thanks to their modest size and space-saving design. The SR-3iA/H and SR-6iA/H are also 3-axis variations that offer superior performance and a cost-effective replacement for small linear sliding devices. The more flexible and higher payload SR-12iA and SR-20iA robots offer a wide vertical stroke and an environmental option for harsh environments. Outstanding robot mobility, speed and precision are features shared by all SCARA robots manufactured by FANUC.

The R-30iB Compact Plus controller, which powers FANUC’s SCARA robots, provides them with the same intelligence and reliability, including built-in iRVision, conveyor belt tracking (iRPickTool), and most additional software options. It is easy to configure and program the robot on a Tablet, PC or Teach Pendant thanks to FANUC‘s latest SCARA iRProgrammer user interface.
The high level of speed with iRVision 3DV/400iRVision 3DV/400 is part of FANUC’s iRVision suite of fully integrated and complete machine vision products for robot guidance and inspection. The M-10iD/12 robot creates random orders by picking from four homogeneous containers, each with a 3Dv/400 vision sensor mounted on top. Once the order is completed, the order bin is moved to an LR Mate 200iD robotic station. FANUC designs all hardware and software specifically for FANUC robots, providing our customers with solutions that meet their production needs.

The M-10iD/12, M-10iD/10L, M-10iD/8L and M-10iD/16S are the four small material handling robots in the M-10iD robot series. For vertical and inverted mounting installations, the LR Mate 200iD industrial tabletop robots offer a “first class” working environment. Ten types are available with different wrist speeds and reaches, including cleanroom and washdown-proof versions. The robots can handle a wide range of products thanks to their payload capacities, ranging from 8 to 16 kg. The LR Mate 200iD series tabletop industrial robots, for both upright and inverted mounting, offer a best-in-class working environment.
The FANUC M-410iC/110 Case picking from two conveyors and palletising of mixed-layer unit loads is performed by a robot equipped with the M-410iC/110 HMI. Using an Allen-Bradley HMI screen, operators of palletising/depalletising equipment can choose from a pre-determined number of unit loads. The system emphasises FANUC’s latest PLC motion interface function, which allows palletising operators to dynamically program homogeneous or mixed unit loads. On-the-fly layer changeover is simplified in the presentation. The M-410iC/110 is the fastest palletising robot in its class, capable of completing 2200 conventional palletising cycles in one hour at a weight of 60 kg.

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