The Williams & Humbert winery , founded in 1877, is one of the most recognized wine producers in the world, with a wide variety of products ranging from sherry to brandy. The company, which participated in the creation of the Jerez- Xérès -Sherry Designation of Origin, has to respond to the demands of an increasingly globalized and competitive market, while maintaining the quality and tradition of its wines.

To achieve this objective, the winery decided to undertake an automation project that would allow it to increase its production significantly, going from 3,000 to 5,000 bottles per hour. To do this, it had the collaboration of Proelan , an industrial engineering company with more than sixty years of experience and specialized in the development of automation projects with robotics integration.

The challenge that Proelan faced was to design, install and launch a palletizing system that prepared all the boxes that arrived from up to two different lines, with more than 40 different format variants. Furthermore, it had to be done in a small space and in a record time of just three months.

The solution chosen was the Yaskawa PL80 palletizing robot, a four-axis robot with a load capacity of 80 kg and a reach of 2,136 mm. Thanks to its large work area and high speed, the PL80 robot can manage the palletizing of two production lines simultaneously, placing the boxes on the pallets according to the desired pattern.

To facilitate the programming and flexibility of the system, Yaskawa‘s PalletSolver software was used , a tool that allows you to easily create and modify palletizing patterns, as well as configure the parameters of the robot and peripheral devices. With PalletSolver , you can create any type of palletizing format, adapting to the needs of each product and client.

With this software, you can configure the parameters of the robot and peripheral devices, as well as import and export data for products, boxes and pallets. The software also offers specific functions for mixed palletizing or multiple grippers.

PalletSolver is a solution that facilitates the programming and flexibility of the palletizing system, adapting to the needs of each application.

The result was an efficient, flexible and reliable palletizing system, which allowed the Williams & Humbert winery to increase its production and competitiveness, without giving up the quality and tradition of its wines. The project was a success for both the winery and Proelan , which demonstrated its ability to offer innovative and personalized solutions with Yaskawa technology.

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