The Motoman HC30PL collaborative robot is an innovative industrial automation solution that combines the high load capacity, wide reach and robustness of an industrial robot with the safety and flexibility of a collaborative robot.


This cobot, developed by the Japanese company Yaskawa, can handle parts weighing up to 30 kg and has a reach of 1,700 mm, making it ideal for palletizing, handling and packaging applications in demanding environments .

The Motoman HC30PL has power and force limitation (PFL) technology, which allows it to detect and avoid collisions with people or objects, and adapt its speed and force depending on the operating mode.


The cobot can operate in collaborative mode, with reduced speed and safe interaction with operators, or in industrial mode, with maximum speed and greater productivity. Switching between modes can be easily done according to process needs.


The cobot also has a direct teaching programming (DTP) system, which allows the user to move the robot arm manually and record the desired positions without the need for a programming console. The cobot has buttons integrated into the wrist that allow the taught positions to be confirmed instantly. In addition, the cobot is compatible with the standard console or the smart console (Smart Pendant ), which offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


The Motoman HC30PL has a robust and resistant design, with an IP67 protection rating that makes it suitable for working in dusty or humid conditions. Additionally, it has a special anti-drip coating and food-grade grease lubrication on all joints, making it suitable for food-related applications.


The cobot also has internal wiring for the supply of robotic grippers or tools, which exits through the wrist and makes installation and maintenance easier.

The Motoman HC30PL is, therefore, a professional collaborative robot that offers great versatility, safety and efficiency for various industrial applications. With this cobot, Yaskawa positions itself as a leading company in the development and production of industrial and collaborative robots.

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