3 Benefits Of Your Business Owning A Refurbished Robot

Robots have redefined the way modern industries work. More and more industries are automating their processes to avail the benefits. Spain—with a robot density of 160 units per 10,000 employees— for example, benefits from industrial robots in its manufacturing industry, according to the International Federation of Robotics.  

Robots can significantly reduce operating costs and increase production as they can work continuously without needing breaks. Moreover, robots don’t require much supervision and can be deployed at areas deemed dangerous for human workers, such as welding tasks.

While automating your industry can increase productivity and give great return on investment, the initial cost of the automation system can be fairly large. However, industries can benefit greatly from refurbished robots.

Benefits Of Buying Refurbished Robots

Here are a few benefits of buying refurbished robots for your industry.

1. Cheaper Robots

Industries that want the benefits of automation and want to save on costs can use refurbished robots. While new automation systems can cost up to several hundred thousand dollars, refurbished robots can be bought at half the price.

2. Great For Startups

Startups or small businesses are characterized by low funds. While budgeting is an issue for most startups, they can save costs by buying used robots for their business. The costs startups save on with refurbished robots in conjunction with less human labor required due to automation cannot be ignored.

3. Durability

A used robot can be restored to work efficiently when it’s been properly refurbished. These are examined for faulty or worn-out parts, cleaned, greased, and tested before they are sold out. When they’re refurbished properly, used robots can work as efficiently as a new robot.

Many refurbished robots come with warranties that give companies time to get established. At Used Robots Trade, we give our customers a six-month warranty on all our robots.

Tips For Buying A Refurbished Robot

Here are a few tips while buying a refurbished robot for your business.

Choose Renowned Brands

It’s advisable to choose renowned brands of robots when buying refurbished robots. Go for higher quality brands like KUKA, ABB, FANUC, KAWASAKI, etc.  We also provide you with a range of robotic parts from reliable companies.

Choose Robots With Warrants

When buying used robots, ensure they come with warranties. You can find our robots with a six-month warranty in excellent condition.

Ensure Standard Of Highest-Quality

Make sure you buy refurbished robots from a reliable vendor that’ll ensure the highest standards of quality. At Used Robots Trade, we have a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals that recondition used robots to a like-new state.

If you’re a new startup running on a low budget, or a business needing automation, Used Robots Trade is your place to be! We provide used industrial robots in excellent condition. You can also choose from our range of affordable used industrial robot parts. Feel free to contact us to further know about our services.

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