Today’s robots offer many novel features such as adaptive flexibility, easy integration, and mobility. These enhancements allow faster start-up and programming, as well as more efficient and stable processes, which help them in carrying out activities that require delicate mechanisms.

ABB is a leader in industrial automation and enjoys a good reputation globally. Adding to its legacy, it has recently collaborated with the mobile phone manufacturing giant, Oppo, in China to produce millions of smartphones annually.

As is well-known, China has had a great increase in the commercial market and has become a strong competitor in the manufacturing industry due to it’s the efficient use of automation. The technological center of China is made up of the Dongguan plant and the Shenzhen plant with a population of over 40 million and Oppo employs 20,000 people in this factory alone.

Industrial robots in China occupy two large markets, the first is automotive and the second is consumer electronics. Following this trend, Oppo has employed dozens of ABB robots that assemble mobile phones in 38 production lines in Dongguan. This helps manufacture about 7.5 million units per month!

ABB robots assemble the motherboard of the smartphone and carry out the packaging.

They can also be seen working from the start of crafting the central circuit boards with a processor, memory, sensors, camera modules, and connections. They then assemble individual components that are wound in thousands quickly and efficiently. The functions are then tested with sensors and cameras to make sure the quality is optimal.

Among the 50,000 robots used for this specific task, ABB presented the IRB 1100 which has a light and compact structure with ease of integration into the production line. With the help of its small design and characteristics, it can perform assembly functions safely and efficiently.

According to ABB, Automation solutions have been a competitive advantage for smartphone manufacturers, The high level of automation evident at the Oppo factory is a testament of this. Today there is a great need for technology innovation that provides high-quality products and ABB is doing an excellent job in catering to this demand.


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