Scara robots have been designed to optimize the tasks of assembling small parts. They can be efficiently used to perform tasks as they can handle high speeds, and provide excellent repeatability and great load capacity and inertia.

ABB released a Robot Control Mate plugin for its RobotStudio simulation and its offline programming software that has the ability to control SCARA robots from the PC.

This offline programming software provides the skill to control the physical movements of a robot in real-time. It even provides the alternative to programming the robot without the FlexPendant or control console.

RobotStudio is an offline programming tool that generates profitability growth. Increasing the productivity of robotic equipment with the ability to execute processes such as programming and continuous training where it minimizes risks and increases performance with faster startups.

This simulation system is a PC-based solution for virtual programming, configuration, and commissioning prior to installation. By performing offline programming, it facilitates operators to design, simulate and test the robotic system installation on a virtual 3D plane without altering the true manufacturing environment.

All this innovation applied to the virtual environment allows that when installing the production line of the plant, it is more efficient, faster, with a more reliable and secure implementation.

Darren Hung, ABB Global Product Manager for Small Robots, said “Simplifying the installation, programming, and operation of robots offers our customers many benefits, including making up for talent shortages and helping SMEs to become new robot users. ”

“Adding our new Robot Control Mate functionality to RobotStudio will make it even easier to configure robotic automation solutions, while users can enjoy the greater flexibility of operating their robots from their laptops.”

The Control Mate Robot will be installed for now on the fast, cost-effective and highly flexible IRB 910INV SCARA robot that provides maximum space savings. This new system will then be extended to the wide range of ABB robots.

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