Here’s Why You Should Buy FANUC Robots For Various Applications

Robotic automation is seen contributing massively to the industrial regeneration. More and more companies are turning towards robotic automation, enhancing productivity and improving business growth opportunities at the same time.

However, before you take the decision to automate, it’s important to settle on the right robot for your business. And this isn’t an easy task.  For a company newly venturing into robotics, the array of options can be overwhelming.

With so many reliable robotic companies in the market, you have every reason to rely on Fanuc. Over time, Fanuc has delivered onto its claims and provided businesses with proven results.

Here are a few convincing reasons why you should give preference to Fanuc when planning to make the robotic shift:

Reduced System Cost

used Fanuc robots for saleRobots form a single part of the overall automation system. There are a range of other spare parts required to facilitate the robots to work upon them. For instance, robots need conveyors and pallets to put each piece in its desired location. Once all the parts are assembled, they are shifted outside the cell.

FANUC’s iRVision when securely incorporated with their robots do away with the need of this time-consuming fixture. They make use of line tracking to search for parts on a mobile conveyor, and 2D/3D visualization for part site eliminates the requirement for such pallets and fixtures. Furthermore, it not only reduces preliminary system costs, but also trims down maintenance requirements such as clean and repair. Lastly, it facilitates the introduction of new products.

Swift Implementation

Robots have offline programming which allows them to replicate movements while the system is still being constructed. This, in turn, cuts down the time taken between order placement and delivery, while the system becomes serviceable.  With Fanuc’s ROBOGUIDE package, you can enjoy a lot more benefits than simply saving time. Replication opens up opportunities to appraise cell layouts and improve cycle times. Frequently, this emphasizes cost-saving and system improvement opportunities.

High Reliability

FANUC robots are dependable and take pride in remarkable MTBF statistics. However, two improvements are aiding further advancements in cell performance:

  • Fanuc robots have a Digital Video Monitor which allows it to record events. In case an unplanned event comes up, (possibly a part trips from a gripper), the reasons can be examined, comprehended and corrected in a timely manner.
  • Zero Downtime (ZDT) is a whole new scheme to secure procedure information to aid unanticipated problems. For instance, wear and tear in a bearing can be identified and replaced before stoppage, preventing unexpected delays.

Find a comprehensive range of used Fanuc robots for sale. For inquiries or order placement, call us now at 0034 600 987 748.

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