Kuka is one of the manufacturers with the most innovations in industrial robots when it comes to technology and design, with these robots being more precise, flexible and reliable with stylish, elegant designs.

It is precisely these design characteristics that earn Kuka robots recognition, where various of their product designs and innovations have received rewards.

Kuka has received awards such as the Good Design Award, the KR 6 R900 won the 2015 IF Award, the 2015 Red Dot Award Honorable Mention, the 2016 German Design Award Special Mention, and the 2015 IDSA USA Silver award.

The If Design Award is one of the most important design awards in the world and has been celebrated every year since 1954 thanks to iF International Forum Design GmbH, highlighting the best products in the field of product design. It represents a seal of quality for exceptional, effective designs. Since 2011, the German Design Award has featured innovative products and projects, as well as their manufactures and creators.

On this occasion, several of Kuka’s designs received awards. The 2019 German Design Award was given to the Kuka smart Pad. The outstanding 2019 IF Design Award was given to the small industrial collaboration robotic arm Kuka LBR iisy and to the Kuka KMP 1500 mobile platform.

The Kuka LBR iisy collaborative robot is a cobot that stands out with its lightweight and sensitive robotic technology with its 3 kg payload, and its 600 mm range is compatible with all of the industry’s standard functions, such as OPC UA; fieldbus protocols, and digital, analog and safety I/O modules. It is a cobot that is characterized by its easy integration into industrial processes with confined work spaces. It can start up quickly, and even if there are interruptions, the cobot remembers each movement and continues to perform the work without the need to restart, and can be operated by an automation expert or someone who is just starting out in the robotic field.

KUKA KMP 1500: an intelligent and autonomous mobile platform with a maximum load capacity of up to 1500 kg, incorporating a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 54 Ah, equipped with the Sunrise controller ready for JAVA-based wireless programming. This platform optimizes your logistics management by integrating itself into management and transportation processes.

Among the series of small Kuka robots is the award-winning KR AGILUS, recognized not only for its white design, but also for its incredible speed, agility, maximum precision, short cycle times, versatility and protection level IP67 that is suitable for highly contaminating environments, designed with variants for cleanroom, Atex protection (for potentially explosive environments) and Hygienic Machine, applications with lubricants or coolants and against water spray.

The award-winning smart PAD by Kuka has been recognized for its ergonomic and compact design that’s ideal for working in aggressive industrial environments, suitable for left-handed and right-handed operation.

The award was granted by the IF International Forum Design GmbH of Hannover, design experts selected the winner from among 6,500 participants.

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