One of the great integration solutions in automated painting has been developed by Kuka and Dürr, leaders in production and automation technology; developing an integrated solution procedure for paint application called ready2spray, which contains a compact 6-axis, pre-assembled Kuka robot with a small design, incorporating advanced technology for painting processes developed by Dürr that has the ability to adapt to different processes. This solution allows paint to be applied to one or two components.

Likewise, the robot can be equipped with dosing pumps, paint pressure regulators and color changes. It can also be equipped with automatic paint spray guns (airbrush or airless) from the EcoGun family, or with high-speed rotary electrostatic sprayers, from the EcoBell family by Dürr.

The Kuka industrial robot includes motion and process controllers for the applications, which are located in the robot controller. The new painting system is also fully compatible with Industry 4.0, regarded as an industrial optimization in the area of automated painting.

The automotive sector is one of the main beneficiaries of this evolution, enabling the industry to deliver high production, overcoming every challenge presented in the painting process as there is a wide range of challenges to be automated.

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