The year 2024 is shaping up to be a year of great evolution and transformation for the world of robotics. The robot market, driven by technological advancements and changes in the industrial landscape, will experience significant changes in trends and applications. From the integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to the emergence of new robotic applications, the forecast for the robot market in 2024 promises exciting possibilities. In this article, we analyze the trends and expected developments that will shape the robotics landscape throughout the year.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: the driving force

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are projected to be a key factor in shaping the robot market in 2024. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, robots are expected to exhibit enhanced cognitive capabilities, allowing them to perform more complex tasks. autonomously. Machine learning algorithms will allow robots to learn from their experiences, making them adaptable to various situations and environments. This advancement will lead to robots that are not only more efficient, but also capable of making real-time decisions with a higher degree of accuracy.

Autonomous systems become more common

Autonomy will be a key theme in the robot market in 2024. Industries such as transportation, logistics and agriculture are expected to see the increasing adoption of fully autonomous systems. These systems will be able to operate without human intervention, optimizing processes and reducing costs. Some examples of autonomous systems that are expected to gain popularity are autonomous vehicles, delivery robots, agricultural robots, and underwater robots.

Collaborative robotics expands to new sectors

Collaborative robotics, which refers to the interaction between humans and robots in a shared environment, is expected to expand to new sectors in 2024. Collaborative robots, or cobots, are robots designed to work alongside humans, complementing their abilities. and taking on repetitive or dangerous tasks. Cobots are characterized by being flexible, safe and easy to use. Cobots are expected to be increasingly used in sectors such as healthcare, education, retail and hospitality, improving the quality and efficiency of services.

The robot market is growing at a rapid pace

According to forecasts, the global robot market will experience significant growth in revenue, reaching a projected value of US$38.24 billion by 20241. Among the different segments within the market, robotics is expected to of service dominate with a projected market volume of 28.93 billion US dollars in the same year1. This sector is expected to experience a steady annual growth rate, with a CAGR of 4.21% from 2024 to 20281. As a result, the market volume is estimated to reach US$45.09 billion by 20281. In terms of comparison Globally, the United States is projected to generate the largest revenue in the robot market, with an expected value of US$7,846 million in 20241. Globally, countries are increasingly investing in robotics to improve productivity and efficiency. efficiency in various sectors.


The robot market in 2024 presents a scenario full of opportunities and challenges for robot manufacturers, suppliers, integrators and end users. Robotics is becoming a key technology to drive innovation, competitiveness and sustainable development. With the trends driving the robots market, it is expected to continue growing in the future, leading to positive growth rates in the forecast period.

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