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To satisfy the need of the bodywork company Liderkit to improve the manufacturing capacity and the best standard in component finishing, Yaskawa Ibérica, a leader in building reliable robotic welding systems, planned and built a welding cell with two working points.

Liderkit, the leading manufacturer of ready-to-assemble bodies, decided to automate its welding line, which has generated several benefits over the manual welding process, such as reliability, improved production, and the potential to save time, allowing this operation. The industrial robot’s mechanical parts allow it to be done in an agile and fast way.

The welding in Liderkit has two stages: 

Stage 1: The various pieces that make up the frame are received at the welding facility, where they are laser cut and drilled to size before being folded into state-of-the-art directories. Once placed, the frame is shaped and plucked.

Stage 2: It is where the final welding of the assembly is carried out. Since it is a manual operation, the operator must check the frame dimensions at each point to make sure they are accurate. When the worker is done, he or she and the quality department inspect the cables to make sure there are no faults.

 With this new solution, the pieces obtained are fitted into the industrialized robot, the welding is programmed, and the computer completes the process quickly and automatically. However, before starting this point, it is essential to review the measurements in the first frame of the series to check that everything is fine.

The objective was to improve the welding process through automation, reduce labor costs, maximize efficiency in the welding part, minimize human error, improve operator conditions and minimize accident risks. Additionally, it aims to acquire an activity that continues without interruption, increases manufacturing capacity, and automates and standardizes this part as much as possible. 

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