hree Kuka robots displayed together
According to Kuka, KR Cybertech nano Arc, a revolutionary industrial robot, is designed for continuous path applications such as arc welding, adhesive bonding, and sealant application.

The robots provide optimal performance at minimal costs in the low payload category, according to the company.

According to Kuka, the KR Cybertech nano Arc family of products is “setting new standards” in continuous path applications. The new generation of Kuka robots is “extraordinarily agile, incredibly fast and much more accurate than their predecessors.”

The improved Kuka robot hollow wrist with a diameter of 50 millimeters eliminates main shaft rotation, resulting in shorter cycle times and greater precision of movement.

And at high speeds, KUKA’s latest hollow-wrist robots have a repeatability of 0.04 millimeters. As a result, KR CYBERTECH nano ARC hollow shaft robots have established themselves as experts in applications that require optimal path precision and precision, such as shielding gas welding and the application of glues or sealants.

The series stands out in the lower payload division for its long service life and low maintenance requirements. The average cost of ownership for users remains low.

Low maintenance costs are achieved through higher availability and lower electricity use.

Operation and repair specifications have been simplified, as well as drive and control technology.

Hollow wrist robots are also ideal for light cells, complex functions, and demanding process chains due to their limited footprint and various installation options.

The innovative “K-PIPE-ES” power supply design, with which Kuka customers are already familiar in higher payload categories, adds even more versatility.

The separation of device and machine wiring simplifies the transition to the manufacturing process and makes the power supply system equipment more versatile.

The new generation KR Cybertech nano series comprises in-line wrist versions as well as hollow wrist robots.

Motion modes allow the controller to tailor the robots’ output to various activities, such as “Dynamic Mode” for higher dynamic performance and shorter cycle times.

Path mode, along with so-called entirely correct calibration for application-optimized continuous path motion, is also commonly used in hollow-wrist robots.

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