Acieta is a leading Robotics Integrator in North America for nearly 40 years transforming industry with robotic automation; providing companies of all sizes the opportunity to benefit from robots meeting the needs of manufacturers at lower costs, to simple and intuitive programming screens and touch screens and with more flexible and agile robots.
It is advisable to assign skilled welders to higher throughput operations rather than using them for welding tasks that are simpler, as skilled welders can be hard to come by. Fabricators and workshops, according to Acieta, can relax and delegate simpler welding tasks to the new FastARC CX1000 collaborative robot.
According to Acieta, the FastARC CX1000 is built to produce precise, high-quality welds 24/7. The company lists a number of benefits, including less scrap, increased uptime and higher capacity.
The FastARC CX1000 cobot, mounted on a cart, can be transported anywhere in the shop when needed. According to Acieta, changeover is quick, making the FastARC CX1000 ideal for low-volume, high-mix shops. No advanced programming skills are required because programming the robot by hand is simple. Drag-and-drop programming is available thanks to its user-friendly interface.
According to Acieta, FastARC CX1000 can be delivered and installed in a matter of weeks as a standard pre-engineered system. The CX1000 can be detached from the welding carriage and used for other tasks such as machine maintenance or sanding when not welding, thanks to its wide range of end-of-arm tooling options.
The FastARC CX1000 cobot includes a FANUC 6-axis collaborative robotic arm with a 10 kg capacity and an eight-year maintenance-free service life. The system has sealed components and is IP 67 certified to operate in industrial environments. It is compatible with Miller and Lincoln Electric welding machines.
With this automated robotic system, manufacturers can increase efficiency and maximise profitability.

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