Robotic Generation

Picture4South America is at a large disadvantage with respect to Europe and Asia when it comes to the issue of industrial robotics, although in the last few years it has started to break through offering us automated solutions that have allowed us to increase productivity, efficiency and quality control, as well as to reduce the risk of exposure of human labor in our companies to very strenuous work or dangerous substances.

In this new era of robotics, the branch of engineering has made great strides. We see not only a moving mechanical arm but also the impressive set of technological advances, which refer to software improvements and sensors that make a robot more easily configurable, flexible and economical (when it comes to refurbished robots), meaning that even the design of robots can adapt to their environment and be programmed remotely.

Robots are made for repetitive tasks in hazardous environments, the new era of robotics is not intended to replace humans with machines but to be a complementary tool of advanced engineering under the supervision and guidance of human labor.

Usedrobotstrade is the company that provides us with this type of technology by offering us used robots with only a few hours of work under their belt that come from recent production years, which reflect the work of engineering, design and technology. They even offer us guarantees for spare parts.

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